Is your parking lot an icy mess?

As the snow storms keep coming and temperatures jump from -20 to 35 in any given week.  It has left most parking lots around town covered in a thick layer of ice that not even the equipment pushing the snow off your lot can remove.  So what do you do now?  Let cars slide around possibly causing damage to your property and theirs?  Let the customers coming to your store potentially slip and fall?  Until now the only answer has been to keep applying sand one layer after the next until you find yourself wondering if there is more sand on your parking lot or in your building.

Let us help because we’ve got the MAGIC and we want you to experience the difference.

ICE B’ GONE MAGIC Treated Salt is the original formula that started the treated salt market 15 years ago!

Why choose ICE B’ GONE MAGIC for your parking lot and sidewalks?

  • Completely eliminate the need for sand on your lot and costly spring clean up
  • Has the ability to melt up to 1 inch of snow
  • Keeps snow from bonding lo pavement
  • Works up to -35 F ground temp
  • Uses 35% to 50% less salt per application
  • Eliminates black Ice
  • Eliminates hard packed snow and ice
  • 70% less corrosive than salt alone
  • Safer for all surfaces
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Safer for your landscapes
  • Recognized by the U.S. E.P.A
  • Safer for pets

If you could reduce your snow management cost would you? ICE B’ GONE MAGIC can help.

Available for direct applications. contractors , & property managers.

  • Direct pavement applications per request
  • 50 LB pails available for purchase
  • Bulk treated salt available per request

Call for your quote today. Matt 701-527-3337