Top 3 Landscape Trends for 2017

Top 3 Landscape Trends for 2017

Natural Materials

After years of simplistic style landscaping and hardscaping, there has been a renewed interest in the use of natural materials in the landscapes around Bismarck, Mandan. Homeowners are looking more and more for organic styles in their outdoor living space. Rather then the clean designs of the past, homeowners want their gardens to look more authentic and fit more smoothly into the environments where they are installed. Clients are looking for plant material that already grows naturally in the North Dakota area, stones that are sourced locally, and pavers that are more irregular in shape giving way to a more organic outdoor space.

Low Maintenance

A term used very loosely in the landscape industry by clients, but what does it mean? Simply put, low maintenance means drought-resistant plants and dwarf plant material. Homeowners don’t want to spend their beautiful North Dakota evenings watering plants and want to avoid pruning those arbs back into a perfect hedge on the weekends. If you’re keeping up with the trends, you should already have this one checked off your list because this means you are already planting material that grows naturally in your area. Local plants have evolved to survive on the water it gets naturally and have no problems standing up to Bismarck-Mandan’s summer heat or bitter cold NoDak winters.

Smart Gardens

With the recent technical advances in the landscape industry you can now expect to get the same smart outdoor living rooms that you currently have inside. With new smart sprinkler clocks that can connect to your wifi system and phone. It has never been easier to regulate water usage. These clocks, through the use of wifi, can track weather trends in your area and automatically adjust as needed. Outdoor light has quickly become as advanced as your indoor lighting, you can now dim, change color, or turn lighting on and off all from your phone. Clients are also looking to invest in mosquitoes repellent kits. With one quick click of a button from your phone you can turn on your mosquito diffuser system that will put out an orderless repellent. No more running around lighting torches or spaying down with bug spray.

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