Next 2 Nature Snow & Ice Management

Experience Ice B’Gone Magic!

As the snow storms keep coming and temperatures jump from -20 to 35 in any given week leaving most parking lots around town covered in a thick layer of ice that not even the equipment pushing the snow off your lot can remove. So what do you do now?  Until now the only answer has been to keep applying sand one layer after the next until you find yourself wondering if there is more sand on your parking lot or in your building.

Let us help because we’ve got the MAGIC and we want you to experience the difference.


works at extreme temps (-35°) & residual effects eliminate black ice


  applications are reduced by 30% to 50%, no need for any messy sand


  recognized by the US EPA for safer chemistry

Snow & Ice Removal Services

Next 2 Nature specializes in commercial snow removal.

With clients that include hospitals, retail stores, schools and multi-family units, our services include snow removal, hauling and parking lot de-icing / ant-icing.

  Commercial Snow Removal Services

  Parking lot de-icing / ant-icing services

  Sidewalk cleaning

  Pile stacking and removal

  Call us today to learn how Next 2 Nature Snow and Ice Management can help you maintain safe surfaces for customers and employees.

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